The New Year, The New Me

The best thing about advent of a new year is that at some level, our heart knows that we have a new chapter ahead where we can finally let go of the pain, the hurt and the burden of mistakes we committed in the last year and can kind of start afresh. Start with new hopes, new desires, new strength and get ready to make new mistakes because I think it is very very important to make mistakes because only if you make mistakes, you know you are doing something, learning something, changing something. I know that if I have failed, if I have made a mistake, I did something that was new to me, something that was challenging, something that I have never done before, so what if I failed…at least I tried.

So I wish for all my friends and family, this year try something new, do something you have never done before, travel to a new place, do what you were always scared to do, fail, make mistakes and make a lot of them but don’t stop, don’t give up, even if the result is not perfect. Just keep making mistakes because that is what is needed to keep living 🙂


Have an awesome new year 2014.